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Ground-to-Truck Yard Ramp / Safe and Reliable / Truck Loading Ramps 

Are you in need of a ground-to-truck yard ramp for loading and unloading cargo for your facility, industry, warehouse or even a personal project? With Copperloy’s ramps, you can easily gain ground-level access to semi-trucks from anywhere needed. You now can create a loading dock for loading, unloading and material handling applications based on your needs.

Copperloy’s High-Strength Durable Steel Truck Ramps Features:

  • Up to 36-foot lengths 
  • Height ranges of 38-65 inches 
  • Standard widths of 70 and 84 
  • Capacities of 16,000 – 35,000 pounds 

Copperloy’s Aluminum Ground-To-Truck Ramp Features: 

  • Up to 36-foot lengths
  • Height ranges of 38-65 inches 
  • Standard widths of 70 and 84 
  • Capacities of 16,000 – 25,000 pounds 

Universal Truck Ramp Features: 

  • 7- inch -tall curbs for safety
  • Steel grating
  • Hydraulic pump
  • Positioning sleeve
  • Smooth side plates
  • Low-end plate
  • 18-inch solid /pneumatic tires
  • Standard 8’ level off
  • 15’ Lip 

Ground-to-truck yard ramp is a cost-effective way to expand your frieght handling capacity. As well as providing a safe, efficient method to load and unload freight with forklifts and access the back of a truck. 

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What is the height range of a mobile ramp?
The standard height range of the mobile yard ramp is 38″-65″. Lower than 38″ the ramp will bottom out on the undercarriage. Higher than 65″ the forklift will not be able to climb the grade of the ramp.

How are the ramps secured?
All of our ramps ship with safety chains to secure ramps. Mobile yards ramps are chained to the trailers to secure them.

Can an Edge of Dock be installed to the end of a mobile yard ramp?
An Edge of Dock is not need. The ramp has a 15″ lip which rests on the bed of the truck. This allows the ramp to move with the truck during loading and unloading.

Can a mobile yard ramp be moved by hand?
A mobile yard ramp cannot be moved by hand. Depending on the ramp size, the ramp can weigh between 5k – 10k pounds. A forklift is required for moving a mobile yard ramp.

What type of warranty is offered on a mobile yard ramp?
YARD RAMP Site offers a 5-year warranty on the frame and a 1-year warranty on hydraulics.

Is your pump a manual pump or an electric pump?
On the YARD RAMP Site mobile yard ramps, we have a manual hand pump. The pump raises the lip of the ramp a ½” with each pump.

Where is the pump located?
The pump is located on the left side of the ramp between the curb angles for protection. The pumps location protects it from dirt, debris and damage.

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