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Dock Boards For Loading Docks With Drive-In Doors | Copperloy

Is your loading dock enabling the use of dock boards to help increase the efficiency of its loading and unloading process? Dock boards handle higher capacity loads and can be used with forklifts and other heavy-duty material-handling equipment. Not only will dock boards bridge the gap between dock and truck, but it will also help keep your employees safe during the process. 

The YARD RAMP Site has a variety of dock boards to choose from. Don’t see what you need? No Problem! Our in-house engineering team can customize dock boards to solve any difficult challenge, match any specification and work with preexisting equipment and or spaces. 

The YARD RAMP Site offers 3 dock board options:

Steel Dock Boards with welded steel curbs – This is our toughest and most durable option. With features of :Steel Dock Boards with welded steel curbs

  • Heavy steel tread plate
  • 5.5-inch fully welded steel curbs
  • 15,000-lb. or 20,000-lb. gross capacities
  • Widths of 60, 72, or 84 inches
  • Numerous options for length and height differential
  • Standard features include 10, 14, and 18-inch locking legs
  • Fold-down lifting loops
  • 11 lip is standard, 14-inch lip available

Aluminum Dock Boards with bolt-on steel curbs –   With a combination of lightweight and durability these make an affordable combination. With features of: 

Aluminum Dock Boards with bolt-on steel curbs

  • Structural steel curbs bolted on 6″ centers.
  • Tough aluminum tread-plate deck for lightweight, high traction, corrosion-free surface.
  • Low-cost alternative.

Aluminum Dock Boards with welded curbs –  These are tough, lightweight, and inexpensive. With features of: Aluminum Dock Boards with welded curbs

  • Fully welded aluminum curbs for the highest strength.
  • Tough aluminum tread-plate for a lightweight, corrosion-free surface.
  • Mid to rough duty cycles.
  • Lightweight maneuverability.

Determining The Capacity Needed For Your Facility | The Yard Ramp Site

To determine the capacity needed for your board, use the following formula:


Weight + Load x 0.9 = Capacity

Example: for a forklift of 11,000 lbs. and max load of 4,000 lbs., the resulting capacity would be 13,500 lbs.:

11,000 + 4,000 x 0.9 = 13,500


To determine the necessary length of your dock board is determined by the maximum amount height difference between the dock height and the floor height of the trailer(s) being serviced.

Truck Height – Dock Height = Max Height Difference

Example: if the Truck Height is 54 inches and the Dock Height is 48 inches, the Max Height Difference is +6 inches. 

From here, use the table below to determine the dock board length.

But what if the Truck Height is lower than the Dock Height? In that case, you have two options.

  1. The dock board (with chains instead of lift loops) must be used in reverse, with the board will be in the truck and the lip on the dock.
  2. Raise the truck bed with wheel risers.


YARD RAMP Site recommends a minimum width of 60 inches for dock boards that will be used with forklifts.

Choose The YARD RAMP Site For All Your Loading Dock Equipment Needs

Businesses that rely on frequent deliveries and or loading for frequent deliveries enabling a dock board will help improve the speed of this process. Therefore, helping your business growth. 

YARD RAMP Site offers custom dock boards and custom dock plates to meet any requirement or unique challenge. Our custom manufacturing and fabrication team can engineer exactly what you need from start to finish! When it comes to safe material handling, Copperloy’s inventory does not end at dock boards and dock plates. We offer customers a wide variety of American-made mobile yard ramps that provide a loading and unloading facility where one isn’t already established. This wide range of equipment includes mobile yard ramps, dock-to-ground ramps, truck ramps, and forklift ramps.

Watch the dock equipment video below to learn more about the YARD-RAMP-SITE dock board.

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