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Ergonomic Lift Tables

Improve Productivity and Worker Safety With Copperloy

The prevailing business environment focuses increased emphasis on worker safety and the overall ergonomics of the work place. The Yard Ramp Site’s high-quality lift tables play an integral role on those considerations. Our hydraulic lift tables eliminate undue stress and strain on workers, enhancing safety and minimizing injuries. The result is healthier and more productive employees, along with a more efficient operation with enhanced capabilities thanks to our easy to use scissor lift table models.

For over 60 years, we’ve been manufacturing products that increase the productivity of your business, and our double-long lift tables are just one way we do it.

We’re committed to providing you with products which can improve your business’s operation in every way.

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Scissor Lift Table Options

  • Manual Rotating Tops
  • Toe Guards – Sloped side platforms minimize toe and foot injuries. Add 10” to platform top width and length.
  • Casters – Provide easy mobility as well as increasing platform height.
  • Accordion Skirt – Protect employees by restricting unintentional access to the scissor lift table mechanism as well as keeping mechanism free from dirt and chips.
  • Conveyors – Both Gravity and Power Rollers available.
  • High Cycle Packages
  • Side rails – Add additional safety and protection.

Standard Items

  • 460—Volt, three phase, 2 horsepower motors standard.
  • Single phase, air motors and battery-operated units are also available.
  • DU Bearings lubricated for life.
  • Captured upper and lower rollers to prevent upending.
  • Two year warranty on cylinder seals.
  • All units come painted gray. Other paints are available.
  • Safety Bars – Maintenance safety bars prevent platforms from lowering beyond predetermined levels.
  • Standard Controls – Hand held push button. Foot pedal also available.
  • Note – Lift tables are not intended for lifting personnel unless specifically noted. Overloaded capacities can damage equipment. Tables are intended for balanced loads —not exceeding 50% of capacity on either side of the ends of the table.

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