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Safety: A Leading Priority | Heavy Duty Ramps

YARD RAMP Site engineers leading dock equipment.  For over 60 years, we’ve been creating high-performance, heavy duty ramps.   We pride ourselves on customer service.  Therefore, YARD RAMP Site provides our clients with the best resources when it comes to safety.  In addition to manuals and speaking directly with a team member, our website serves as an excellent resource too!

Heavy Duty Ramps | Copperloy

Our Specialty | Heavy Duty Ramps

Copperloy’s heavy duty loading ramps fall into two main categories.  First, there are industrial ramps.  Second, there are specialty ramps.  Industrial ramps include yard ramps, dock ramps, ground-to-truck ramps, and portable loading docks.  Specialty ramps include twin lock ramps, stage ramps, and van ramps. 

YARD RAMP Site has the ideal ramp for any loading and unloading task!

Ramp Safety Tips

In addition to safety-enhancing ramp features, YARD RAMP Site has composed a list of helpful safety tips!

Check Equipment Capacities – Made in the USA, YARD RAMP Site ramps are durable, built to last, and proudly made in the USA.  However, all things have their limits. Be aware of load capacity!

Use Wheel Chocks – In addition to industry-leading ramps, YARD RAMP Site also manufactures repair parts and dock equipment accessories.  Combine our ramps with our accessories and you have the key to success.  Leading accessories include aluminum wheel chocks.  Be sure to use wheel chocks when applicable.  Prevent dangerous movement of trailers, ramps, trucks and more during loading tasks!  Wheel chocks provide maximum holding and protection from jolts and shifting.

Operate on a Level Surface – Ensure the ground beneath the ramp is level. Preferably, unload on concrete or pavement.

Check Ramp Connection – The lip of the ramp should connect securely to the dock or truck.  Additionally, attach safety chains when necessary.

Move at Safe Speeds – For yard and ground-to-truck ramps, be sure to move at safe speeds. The maximum speed is 5mph when using the towbar.  The positioning sleeve is designed to maneuver and reposition the ramp. It is not intended to tow long distances.

Check Ramp Conditions – Before use, check for signs of rust or damage.  For ramps that use a hydraulic system, such as yard ramps, monitor the hydraulic fluid level.  Additionally, monitor the condition of the loading dock or platform.  Check for cracks, damage, etcetera.

Overall, common sense is vital.  Follow capacity limits, ensure secure equipment connection, and properly maintain equipment.  For added measure, keep a few YARD RAMP Site spare parts and accessories on hand. Additional questions? Contact our team. We’re happy to help!