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Truck Ramp Rentals | Copperloy Industry-Leading Ramps

Are you looking for truck ramp rentals? Look no further.  YARD RAMP Site has you covered!

Having a YARD RAMP Site ramp will simplify day-to-day loading and unloading tasks, but ramps are a big investment.  We get it.  Or, perhaps, you just need a short-term solution.  Either way, rent our industry-leading truck ramp!

Yard Ramp | Copperloy

An Array of Options | Truck Ramp Rentals | Certified Pre-Owned

Rent a loading ramp, or buy one used!  Factory certified and guaranteed by Copperloy; used yard ramps are budget-efficient.  Used and rental yard ramps provide a high-quality, performance machine for a fraction of the price.

Specs & Features

Steel Truck Ramps from Copperloy®

Steel Truck Ramp Rentals

  • Lengths up to 36′
  • Height ranges of 38″-65″
  • Widths of 70″, 84″, or 96″
  • Capacities of 16,000-35,000 lbs
  • Ask for additional information about custom options available!
Aluminum Truck Ramps from Copperloy®

Aluminum Truck Ramp Rentals

  • Lengths up to 36′
  • Height ranges of 38″-65″
  • Widths of 70″ or 84″
  • Capacities of 16,000-25,000 lbs
  • Request additional info about custom models available!
Truck Ramps from Copperloy®

Standard Truck Ramp Features

  • 7-inch-tall safety curbs are standard
  • Steel Grating for added traction
  • Single-Action hydraulic pump for fast rise times
  • Positioning sleeve for 180-degree maneuvers
  • Standard 8′ level off for stability and easy truck access
  • 15″ lip to protect against ramp shifting

Choose from many rental and certified pre-owned options!  To discover a diverse selection of ramp sizes, specifications, and weight capacities, contact Copperloy.  Our team will find the solution best for you!

Successful Safety Tips | Truck Ramp Rentals

YARD RAMP Site is a resource you can count on.  Our goal to provide all the skills and tools for success while using our dock equipment.  Find quick tips below!

Ramp Safety

Know Equipment Capabilities

Made in the USA, YARD RAMP Site ramps are engineered for industrial use.  Though built with the high-strength metals, everything has limits.  Be sure not to exceed maximum load capacity.

Secure with Wheel Chocks

Standard ramp features mixed with dock equipment accessories are the recipe for loading task success.  YARD RAMP Site accessories include aluminum wheel chocks which prevent dangerous movement during loading.  Snug, maximum holding protects against involuntary movements from jolts and shifting.

Unload on a Level Surface

The ground below the ramp should be solid.  Ideally, unload on concrete or pavement.

Secure Ramp Connection

The lip of the ramp should be securely resting on the dock or truck.  Additionally, connect safety chains when needed.

Transport at Safe Speeds

Operators should not exceed 5mph when using the towbar.  Also, it is not intended for long distance towing.  Additionally, the positioning sleeve is meant to adjust and reposition the ramp, not for towing.

Maintain and Inspect Ramp Conditions

Before use, check for signs of rust or damage.  For ramps that use hydraulic height adjustment, check hydraulic fluid levels.  Then, check the loading dock.   It is also important to regularly inspect for cracks, damage, etcetera.