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Metal Truck Ramps | YARD RAMP Site Dock Equipment

For over 60 years, Copperloy has been creating dock equipment to simplify loading tasks.  Whether we’re talking pick-up trucks or semi-trucks, we manufacture metal truck ramps that meet a variety of needs.  Discover quality yard ramp / loading ramps for freight handling and vehicle transport.  These heavy-duty ramps make it easy to load vehicles and materials into truck beds, box trailers, and more.

Twin Lock Ramps | Split Metal Truck Ramps

Industry-leading split ramps are unique, versatile, and convenient.  Split ramps, also known as twin lock ramps, are made of aluminum.  These light but mighty ramps are available in varying lengths and handle capacities ranging from 6,000 lbs to 7,500 lbs.

  • 10-foot: Accommodate heights from 20 to 28 inches
  • 12-foot: Accommodate heights from 25 to 34 inches
  • 14-foot: Accommodate heights from 29 to 40 inches

Standard split ramp widths are 19″ with a locked width of 38″.  Additional features include 15-degree grade angles, 3″ safety curbs, a 12″ lip, and shark tooth decking.  These features work cohesively to assure safe and smooth operation!

Also, check out YARD RAMP Site van ramps.  Van ramps are built of high-strength metal and last for years.  A heavy duty aluminum van ramp includes 3″ run-off curbs, a 12″ lip, and non-slip shark tooth decking.  These cargo ramps support capacities from 2,500 to 4,000 lbs.  Widths range from 38″-44″ with lengths spanning 6′-16′.  Browse standard models or ask us about custom specs to find the ideal model!

Twin Lock Metal Truck Ramps

Metal Semi Truck Ramp | Yard Ramp

For semis, tractor trailers, and box trailers, YARD RAMP Site yard ramps are the answer.  Yard ramps provide ground-to-truck access.  As a leader in metal fabrication, YARD RAMP Site assures our designs feature the highest-quality of metals.  Depending on the necessary capacity, choose between steel or aluminum bases.

In addition to a different base, YARD RAMP Site has many options available.  First, between heights from 38 to 65 inches.  Next, weight capacities support 16,000 lbs. to 35,000 lbs.  Lastly, widths include 70″ and 84″.  However, wider widths and more custom specs are available! Contact the YARD RAMP Site team with your custom requirements.

Key Benefits

Yard ramps offer a diverse lineup of features and benefits.  In addition to providing ground-to-truck access, they also are great for dock-to-ground access.  Pair yard ramps with a portable loading dock to free up a port or to create a dock where no permanent facility exists.  These portable docks are versatile and durable.  Additionally, yard ramps can be obtained one of three ways.   One, buy a new ramp using Copperloy’s convenient financing options.  Second, you could buy a factory certified pre-owned ramp.  Lastly, a selection of rental ramp models is also available.  Find the solution that works best for your requirements and budget!


  • Easier operation – Portable and easily adjustable, yard ramps are user-friendly.  Plus, the pump location on the outside of the yard ramp frame provides convenient access.
  • Faster rise times – In comparison to standard two-cylinder pumps, a single-acting hydraulic pump raises up to two and a half times faster!
  • Limited wear and tear – Rotation occurs on the innovative positioning sleeve.  Traditionally, rotation takes place at the ramp connection. As a result, this greatly reduces wear on the ramp structure.
  • Greater stability –  A centrally located cylinder means less chance of tipping.  Plus, these ramps feature an 8-foot level off as well as a 15″ safety-lip!
  • Solid-filled pneumatic tires – Dominate rugged terrain without the risk of punctures and air leaks with solid filled, pneumatic tires.
Metal Truck Ramps

Truck Loading Safety | Confidence with Copperloy

Safety is a leading YARD RAMP Site priority.  Check out some of our top truck loading tips below!

Properly Secure Materials

Before transporting, it is crucial that the freight is secure.  If not, it can lead to damage.  Also, unsecured materials create many risks when unloading.  Assure stability with load bars, vertical supports, road straps, and chains.

Remain Aware of the Loading Zone

It’s essential to pay attention to the surroundings.  When large loading trucks are involved, this is even more critical! Stay out of the way when vehicles are backing up and remain in the driver’s line of sight.  Then, don’t enter the loading zone until vehicles have come to a complete stop.

Map Gaps and Drop-offs

YARD RAMP Site has many helpful loading tools to bridge the gap from one space to another.  Our lineup includes dock plates, dock boards, dock levelers, and more.  Additionally, our equipment features safety lips that rest securely on platforms.  As a result, making it easier to account for all gaps and drops and assure confidence where workers step.

Use Proper Lifting Techniques

Prevent accidents and injuries by adequately lifting when unloading.  Be sure to lift with the knees! As a result, take the unnecessary strain off of the back muscles.  Also, keep the object close to you while carrying.  This technique offers more control and proper balance.

There you have it!  Practice these simple tips to avoid accidents, injuries, and fatalities.