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Trailer Jacks for Safer Loading and Unloading

Stablize Parked Trailers For Safe Loading

Trailer Jacks are used for stabilizing and leveling parked trailers, which can be essential for safe loading and unloading. Only one Safety Jack is required to safely support your parked trailer and protect against landing gear failure.  An adjustable screw jack provides safe, secure support when placed under the front of an uncoupled semi-trailer.

The strong rolled steel constructed jack is capable of lifting most trailers and keeps the cargo secure and level on uneven terrain.


  • 50,000 pound lifting capacity
  • 100,000 pound static capacity
  • Height range: 34.5-50 inches standard
  • Top Plate: 7.5 inch diameter, ball and socket mounted, 10 degree tilt
  • Acme jack screw thread, 2.5 inch diameter, 4-pitch
  • 20 inch triangular base
  • 8 inch diameter phenolic wheels with delrin bearings
  • 115 pounds
  • Complies with OSHA standards
  • Safety sign sold separately
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